Build Your List

Should you purchase a list of email addresses?

The other day I had a client ask me “Should we purchase a list of email addresses?”


The reason is simple… Have you ever purchased from an uninvited solicitor?

Of course not.

The people most likely to buy from you probably already know who you are and want to hear from you. These are the people we want on your list. You cannot sell to someone who doesn’t know you.

I know what you are asking… Why were we talking about a list of email addresses? Who buys from a spam mail, right?

I talk email lists with my clients because they work and email lists are inexpensive compared to all other advertising, both online and off. And answering the question about who buys from an email, well, I’ve had lists that consistently had an 65-70% open rate and more than 40% of the list clicked to view our offer.

Email marketing is still your most cost effective marketing strategy. When done correctly, you can send offers to a very warm and targeted audience (who have probably already purchased from you). Today, you can send to a list of thousands of interested buyers, several times a week, for less than $50 a month.

The greatest thing about list marketing is this… You own your list!

While your Facebook account can be suspended, your Etsy store shut down, your Shopify account frozen (your Ebay store suspended, I’ve seen it all)… your list is yours and cannot be taken from you. And a good list will always earn you money.

So what are your first steps?

Build Your List

How do I start my list?

  1. Collect past customers info
  2. Implement a social media strategy
  3. Ask permission
  4. Come up with great offers
  5. Sell to your new list

How do I grow my list?

  1. Offer a chance to chat with your web site visitors
  2. Answer her questions
  3. Offer to send her updates
  4. Schedule an appointment
  5. Collect her contact info
  6. and automatically add her to your list

Is it possible to double your list overnight?

You can certainly grow your list very rapidly… I can show you how!

Bonus: Leverage your list to find your perfect customer… and add more just like her.

Identify your best customer

  1. What does she want… what can you offer her and her family
  2. Craft your sales to match her persona
  3. Use social media to generate an audience that looks just like her
  4. Build a funnel to onboard this new audience and…
  5. Add them to your list
  6. And sell to them too!

I’m always looking for new clients to partner with.

If you’re looking for someone to collaborate with on your next project, drop me a line.