How are people
finding your business?

Internet Marketing Strategies

If your website is not bringing you business, then we have work to do. Let’s get started…

Everyone thinks this is the best website they have ever seen!
They love it!

Jill Nelson
Jill’s Daylilies

Are you giving your website visitor a chance to book an appointment?

Your website visitor wants to book an appointment… now! Are you offering her a chance to live chat with a service rep?

Every website visitor?

Every website visitor is a potential customer… And you’ve spent time and money getting her to visit your website… What steps are you taking to stay in front of her, your potential customer?

Do you know what the most cost effective marketing strategy is?

Did you know that the most cost effective marketing is still your email list? How are you growing your list?

Dr. Jeff suggested we use this image for his home page…
What do you think?

Dr. Jeff Sawyer

Making you look good for over 20 years!

Custom home designer, Kevin Maschewski’s Adirondack Designers new site!

Adirondack Designers, Inc.

Adirondack Radiology’s Albany Oasis has a exciting new site!

Albany Oasis

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