Retargeting your web visiters

True story… I needed tires, so I went to various web sites researching the tires I wanted.

A couple of days went by, then a couple of weeks. I still needed tires, and I knew it had to get it done, I had even settled on the tire I wanted… but I just hadn’t taken the time to actually buy them.

How are you staying in front of your potential customers?

Then… about three weeks after I went to their web site… the company I was planning on buying from showed me an ad while I was browsing my favorite news site. The ad simply said that they have a $70 discount sale on their tires, but their sale ends tomorrow.

This was on a Friday, on Saturday I went down to the tire store and bought my tires and qualified for a $70 discount. Everyone was happy.

All because of a well placed, well timed, ad.

The point I’m trying to make, is that not everyone who visits your site is going to be a buyer today. Life happens and stuff gets in the way of your potential customer when she is trying to buy your product.

Fortunately, there is a way to stay in front of a potential customer who has shown interest in your brand or product. We call it retargeting.

When someone visits your web site and does not buy from you, it is possible for us to display ads to her as she visits her favorite web sites, gently reminding her that we are out here ready to satisfy her shopping or service needs.

This is a very inexpensive way of staying “top of mind” or “brand aware” to someone who has expressed interest in your product or service

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